Business loans and support for women entrepreneurs

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Grow your business

Grow your business

It’s not just about finance. GroFin equips you with practical business know-how and helps you put in place systems and processes to manage your business better.

Women entrepreneur network

Get expert advice

GroFin has a team of industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience in sectors like agri-processing, manufacturing, education, and healthcare.

Sharpen your skills

Sharpen your skills

GroFin’s business support ensures that you have a trusted advisor for each important decision, unexpected obstacle, and new opportunity.

Women entrepreneur network

Build your network

GroFin will give you the opportunity to connect with other women entrepreneurs and introduce you to our wide network of potential business partners, suppliers, and clients.

GroFin Women Entrepreneur

Is this your experience?

I used my own savings. I taught myself and learned as I went.

I made my own connections. Trusted my instincts.

And ignored every comment that I won’t succeed!

GroFin knows how hard you worked to get here.
Now, we want to help you go even further.

A trusted advisor always by your side

When you apply for GroFin finance, one of our Investment Managers will work with you to review your business and develop a robust business plan, outlining risks and opportunities.

After you receive GroFin finance, your Investment Manager stays by your side and helps you to regularly review the strategy and performance of your business.

A GroFin industry expert helps our teams to identify and address key risk areas early on based on the lessons learnt from women-owned businesses.

Rita Odero,

Investment Executive: GroFin Kenya

Rita Odero - GroFin Kenya Investment Executive

Develop your skills and network

GroFin will help you get assistance from global industry experts through our partnerships with international organisations like PUM, Partners for Food Solutions (PFS) and the Medical Credit Fund (MCF).

We partner with organisations like the African Management Institute (AMI), the International Trade Centre’s (ITC) SheTrades Initiative, Vital Voices Global Partnership, and the Cherie Blair Foundation to give our women clients access to additional mentoring, skills development programmes, and networking opportunities.

Grow as a businesswoman

GroFin equips you with practical business know-how and helps you put in place systems and processes to manage your business better. We work with you to
strengthen your skills in business areas like:

  • Financial management and accounting
  • Cash flow management
  • Strategic and business planning

Take control of your finances

No one knows your business like you do. But when it comes to financial management and cash flow management, you may feel much less confident.

What our women entrepreneurs say

“GroFin’s financial support and business advice have taken me to another level as a businesswoman. I realised that if you get the right support, it is possible to build a successful factory that can support many people.”

Isabelle Uzamukunda - Agasaro Organic, GroFin Rwanda client

“Investors should treat women entrepreneurs as strong partners, not weak ones. GroFin invested in me because of my mind and intellectual ability. That is why I see them as my partners and not my lenders.”

Neveen Al-Shawabkeh-Al Mueen Marketing & Distribution-GroFin Jordan client

“GroFin believed in us even when we were not sure we could make it. GroFin’s business support has been instrumental in helping us continuously improve our business. Through their support, the business has grown from a one-room rented premises to our own premises in a prime location.”

Beatrice Mawano (Mawano Dental Clinic) - GroFin Uganda Client