GroFin business support

GroFin finance

Before we finance you

When you apply for GroFin finance, we work with you to ensure your business is investment-ready. We conduct a thorough review of your business and assist you in developing a robust business plan, outlining risks and opportunities.

Business support sectors

Working with you

We assist you with practical business solutions in key sectors covering education, healthcare, manufacturing, agri-processing. We also work with you to grow your network, develop your skills and gain business exposure.

GroFin partnership benefits

Reaping the benefits

Our entrepreneurs benefit from GroFin partnerships with international organisations that provide access to customised business skills training, technical assistance, leadership development, and access to networks.

Why Business Support?

As a business owner, you already know how much hard work and perseverance goes into building a SME.

GroFin understands how many challenges you had to overcome to get here. To acquire financial support is only one of the many obstacles you have to face as an entrepreneur. GroFin’s business support provides you with a trusted advisor to help identify and overcome all the other challenges that can come your way while recognising the opportunities.

What do we offer?

Your GroFin Investment Manager meets with you every month to discuss the strategy and performance of your business to help you to identify risks and opportunities. You remain in control of your operations, but we look for the red flags and help you to think beyond day-to-day management to ensure your business continues to grow.

Our investment team advises and guides you on implementing processes and procedures that make your business more efficient. This can include advice in areas such as financial management and accounting, human resources, marketing, and operations. We further assist you in areas such as formalising your business structure and succession planning.

We offer clients access to a wide network of potential business partners, suppliers and other institutions that can assist you to manage and grow your business more effectively. You can also leverage on GroFin’s international footprint and get access to international accredited business mentors and global market insights.

“GroFin believed in us even when we were not sure we could make it. GroFin’s business support has been instrumental in helping us continuously improve our business and the results are crystal clear. Through GroFin support, the business has grown from a one room rented premises to our own premises in a prime location.”

Beatrice Mawano (Mawano Dental Clinic) - GroFin Uganda Client

“We are extremely appreciative of GroFin’s close engagement with us in understanding the Iraqi market. The business support we received from GroFin helped with our vendor qualification and to diversify our services and our capabilities on the ground.”

Hesam Labadi (Al Majal Technical Services) - GroFin Iraq Client

“GroFin helped our business to increase our production and the quality of our goods. Our income increased and through their advice we also improved how we managed our cash-flow.”

Peter Mbela (Cesscolina East Africa Limited) - GroFin Kenya Client

“GroFin’s investment has increased our working capital, which is a critical factor for our business. We managed to invest in additional capacity, make our operations more efficient, and increase our customer base. This translates into a more profitable business.”

Albert and Levina Lema (Ecoconsumer) - GroFin Tanzania Client

Business Support Stages

At GroFin, we put your needs first. We roll up our sleeves and gain a thorough understanding of your business with you. From pre- to post-finance business support, We help our entrepreneurs succeed by providing them expert advice and continuous guidance throughout their journey with us:



Business Plan



• Viability & risk assessment
• Cash flow analysis
• Compliance & business review
• ESG assessment

• Robust Business Plan
• Risk mitigation
• Financial plan

• Sales & distribution
• Assistance in recruitment &
  contract negotiation
• Project management
• Supply chain

• Succession planning
• Governance
• Implementing ESG best

• Market linkages
• Financial management
• Leadership & management




Industry Experts

GroFin’s investment process and business support offering are strengthened by a team of industry experts who possess in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in our sectors of focus, namely, agri-processing, manufacturing, education, and healthcare. Our Industry Expert (IndEx) programme has been proven to reduce risk in these sectors.

A GroFin industry expert helps our teams to identify and address key risk areas early on based on the lessons learnt from previous transactions.

Rita Odero,

Investment Executive: GroFin Kenya

GroFin industry experts

Global Partnership Benefits

The combined offering of GroFin’s business support and our partners’ expertise works to stimulate the well-being and development of entrepreneurs. Our partner industry experts strive to develop growth strategies, manage and mitigate risk and achieve overall sustainability of your business. This makes our entrepreneurs’ businesses more viable and competitive, thus allowing them to contribute to their communities positively through job creation and improvement in livelihoods. See how the GroFin and PUM Partnership transformed Kenya’s Café Deli into a successful franchise.

We were able to implement most of PUM’s recommendations which have boosted our service efficiency and product quality. We are very grateful for their support and to GroFin for introducing us to their partner PUM.

Obado Obadoh,

Founder of Café Deli, Kenya

Business Support Success

GroFin believes SMEs need more than money to succeed. Our business support function addresses critical management skills in areas such as business planning, operations, sales and marketing, HR planning and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG).

See how GroFin’s business support helped entrepreneur Dr Sowaf Ubarijoro, CEO of the Kigali-based Ubuzima Polyclinic, at a time when he was struggling to run his business, and sorely needed to develop management skills to supplement his medical expertise.

I benefited a lot from GroFin’s experience of managing businesses. They were able to understand my business better than I did at that time and showed me different hiccups I could meet along the way.

Dr Sowaf Ubarijoro,

CEO of Ubuzima Polyclinic, Rwanda