Business loans and support for SMEs

Business loans with GroFin support

Business loans

Business loans to meet SME growth challenges

Structured SME loans that provide you with the required capital to meet your current business’s needs or to help your business overcome its future growth challenges.

Business support

Business support for sustained business growth

Tailored business support services delivered by an experienced investment team that helps you face on-going business challenges to ensure the long-term success of your business.

Market linkages

Market linkages to expand and stay competitive

Use our network of successful clients and global business partners to help expand your business into new markets and obtain the tools and training required to stay competitive.

Support beyond finance

GroFin clients are entrepreneurs and business owners that want to grow their existing business or start a new business. They are committed to their business and need an understanding financier that is prepared to work with them to grow their ventures.

We have a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs and business owners like you to start or grow successful businesses. We realise that you not only require longer-term finance to grow your business, but also active Business Support for long-term sustainability.

See how Isabelle Uzamukunda, the owner and managing director of Agasaro, benefitted from GroFin’s finance and business support to purchase new packaging machines and increase Agasaro’s sales and staff complement while supporting her community in the process.

Investment Criteria

Countries where GroFin operates

Countries Supported

Your business operates in countries where we have an office: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, South Africa, Zambia, Egypt, and Oman. For Iraq and Jordan, please visit Northern Iraq Investments, Nomou Iraq Fund (Southern Iraq), or Nomou Jordan Fund.

GroFin loan amounts

Loan Amount

You require medium-term loan capital for your business: between US$100k and US$1.5m for a loan duration of 3-8 years (US$100k and US$2m in Iraq and Jordan) in local currency equivalent.

Business operations

Business Operations

You have an established business: operating for 2-3 years and has an annual turnover of 1.5 times the loan amount. We do consider startups on a case-by-case basis.

Business sectors we support

Business Sectors

Your business operates in one of our preferred sectors: Education, Healthcare, Agri-Processing, Manufacturing, or Key Services (Energy / Waste / Water / Recycling). Other sectors can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Collateral requirements

Collateral Requirements

We expect entrepreneurs to (partly) secure the loan. Personal guarantees of the entrepreneur(s) are required.

Economic impact

Economic Impact

Your business is making a positive social and economic impact: E.g. Creating Jobs, Sustaining Livelihoods, Empowering Women, Benefiting the Environment.

How it works

  • Apply for finance

    Step 1

    Our investment team reviews your submitted online assessment form against our investment criteria and informs you if we are able to proceed with your application.

  • Get a business check-up

    Step 2

    If you qualify, your Investment Manager contacts you and helps complete your application by conducting an assessment of your business, highlighting key risks and opportunities to make your business investment-ready.

  • Loan approval

    Step 3

    Your application is submitted to a committee for review. Upon approval, your application will result in an offer that will be documented in a formal letter to you.

  • Disbursing of funds

    Step 4

    Upon your formal acceptance of our offer, we proceed with disbursing funds to your business.

  • On-going Business Support

    Step 5

    We provide you with continuous value-adding business support focusing on your business’s needs. Our support is designed to enhance the success of your business while helping you implement your business plan.

  • Grow your business

    Step 6

    On payment of your final installment, our formal involvement with your business ends. The final settlement is a good time to review your business plans and discuss any further finance and support needed in keeping with your future growth requirements.