May 13, 2021

It has come to our attention that individuals are using online messaging platforms to attempt to solicit funds from unsuspecting recipients by falsely posing as GroFin employees and sending fraudulent messages to try and extract insurance payments from recipients in return for the release of GroFin loans.

If you are approached by any individual as above (by message, text, or any other way), do not open any links or reply to the message. GroFin does not use messaging platforms or text messages to communicate on loan approvals or details thereof, nor do GroFin ask for personal or financial information through these channels. In-country GroFin teams will always need to visit your business, meet you personally and have recurrent physical contact with you throughout the loan approval process before any loan is approved.

In addition, we do not provide loans and business support outside of specific countries in Africa and the Middle East where GroFin operates. You can always check the reliability of the message received by visiting the GroFin website to verify the contact details of our offices. You can also contact our offices to cross check the information received.

If you think that you have been approached by a malicious individual, kindly report it to [email protected]


Please read the following warning signs and tips to protect yourself from malicious activity:


  • You receive a message saying that you have been approved for a loan from GroFin without having met with a GroFin representative at one of our offices.
  • You receive a message from somebody saying they are from GroFin and attempt to engage in chat.
  • You are asked to confirm your account or personal details by responding to a text message.


  • Do not give out your personal or financial details over a text message.
  • Do not open suspicious or unsolicited text messages; delete them.
  • Do not click on any links in a spam text message.
  • Never call a telephone number that you see in a spam text message.
  • Never reply to a spam text message (even to unsubscribe).

If you think that you have been approached by a malicious individual, kindly report it to:

[email protected]