GroFin becomes latest signatory to IFC Impact Principles

15 December 2020. Bambous, Mauritius. GroFin is proud to further its commitment to global best practice in managing investments that generate impact by becoming a signatory of the Operating Principles for Impact Management. IFC led the development of and launched the Impact Principles in April 2019 to provide a global standard and reference point for assessing the impact management systems of investment funds and institutions. The Principles provide a framework for investors to ensure that impact considerations are purposefully integrated throughout the investment life cycle and aim to bring greater rigour and transparency to the impact investing market. As a signatory, GroFin would be required to produce annual disclosure statements describing how each Principle is incorporated into its investment process and to carry out independent verification of its impact management and measurement system.

Brienne van der Walt, CEO of GroFin, says becoming a signatory is a milestone that publicly demonstrates and reinforces the company’s disciplined approach to achieving, measuring, and reporting on impact.

“GroFin was founded to be an agent of impact and recording how our investments improve lives and communities has always been an integral part of who we are and the commitment we make to our investors. We have continuously sought to improve our impact measurement and management framework and to ensure that we adhere to international best practice. We view this as another important step on that journey.” – Brienne van der Walt, GroFin CEO

Roubesh Jhumun, GroFin’s Impact & ESG Manager, says adhering to the Impact Principles further exemplifies GroFin’s engagement to establish a robust impact management system and provide greater transparency on our ability – and that of our investors and partners – to generate long-lasting positive impact in the communities where our investees operate.

“GroFin is excited to become part of a global community of impact investors joining hands to share insights and learn from one another as we continuously push the frontiers of impact measurement and management practice. As part of this community, GroFin can also contribute to the further development of the impact investment industry which continues to grow and mature.” – Roubesh Jhumun, GroFin Impact & ESG Manager

According to the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), the size of the global impact investment industry is estimated to be around $715 billion. The GIIN says the industry continues to show steady growth, while impact measurement and management practices have noticeably evolved over the past decade to become sophisticated and rigorous.

About GroFin

GroFin is a specialist, impact-driven SME financier. We help entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with expert advice, continuous guidance, and financing to grow their businesses. We believe that growing a small business sector that can create sustainable jobs is the most powerful driver of social and economic development that truly improves people’s lives.

Since its inception in 2003, GroFin has invested in over 700 SMEs and sustained nearly 90 000 jobs. Headquartered in Mauritius, we offer financing and support to SMEs in 14 countries in Africa and the Middle East. GroFin is supported by 34 international finance institutions, development organisations, and private funders who have committed nearly $510 million in capital & grants to our funds.